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Long time no post…

Wow, has it really been that long since I posted anything on here? Oh well, other than work (and then work, followed by more work) there’s been little for me to post about recently.

Until now.

Finally, some ten years after I bought my little one bedroom bungalow I have actually gotten around to selling it. Woohoo. Incredibly, it was sold within a week of being put on the market, which kind of irks me given the fees charged by the estate agents to sell the house. Or perhaps I’m looking at it the wrong way and should just consider it money well spent.

I don’t want to go into to many details about my new house, given that contracts have yet to be exchanged and there is still time for everything to go belly up, however, I’m hopeful that I will be moved early in the new year. Three bedrooms ftw! And stairs! And a downstairs loo!! And a rather large mortgage. Meh.

I must admit, I’m actually very sad at the thought of leaving my current bungalow. When I look back at the original particulars from when I bought it all those years ago, I must admit my ugly little bungalow looks pretty nice now. Gone are the nasty, drafty, dark brown wooden windows and doors, replaced with new UPVC double glazing. Gone is the flimsy old fencing, replaced by a (bloody expensive) sturdy fence hand built by me & my Dad. Comparing the inside shows marked improvements as well, especially the kitchen which Dad & I replaced a few years ago and the recently redecorated lounge.

Ten years is a long time to build memories in a home. I’ve laughed, cried, shaken my fist, cursed noisy neighbours, learnt to cook real food, fallen in love from afar, and even survived a tornado that ripped the roof off of nearby houses (that was a bloody sleepless night, let me tell you!)

One thing I won’t miss though is the jets. Despite being somewhat diminished by the double glazing, and despite still being very impressive when you see them taking off from close up, the sound of jets taking off a few miles away when you’re trying to sleep, or trying to watch TV in the evening, or even, god forbid, hold a conversation, has grown tiresome. Yes, the RAF do a fantastic job protecting us from the scum of the world. Doesn’t mean I have to enjoy living near them! I also shan’t miss being woken up at 5am by my silly sod of a neighbour who seems to find it quite normal to sing at the top of his voice early in the morning. Dude…there are people trying to sleep!

Once the process has moved on a little bit and contracts are safely out of the way, I shall post some before and after pics of my old bungalow, as well as a couple of pics of my new place. Until then, it’s back to work for me…

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Day 5 of 5: They Think Its All Over…It Is Now (nearly).

Apparently yesterday was the last day for the plumbers, which means they’ve left me & my Dad to do the plastering (although it may just need sanding down and repainting). So that’ll be the next job (after a thorough hoovering to get rid of all the brick dust) – redecorating the front room & bathroom.

And so, five or six years after moving in, I finally have proper working central heating, and hot water that gets heated on a timer not just when I switch the immersion on. Bring on winter!

As always, many thanks to my Dad for all of his work this week, it has been very much appreciated.

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Day 4 of 5: What a Difference a Day Makes

Tada…I have a new fireplace 😮

Hopefully they’ll be back tomorrow to do the plastering, and I need to sort out the floor around the hearth as it’s smaller than the monstrosity that was there before, but even so, what a difference this is going to make to the room.

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Day 3 of 5: The End is in Sight

We’ve passed hump day, and the end is now in sight. Today, my parkray has been removed, the radiator in the bathroom has been fitted and various dials and control panels have appeared through the house. Hurrah, I’m nearly centrally heated 🙂 As the last pic shows, I now have a nice pile of rubble and old heating bits on my front garden. Luckily I have a skip arriving tomorrow so that’ll be gone soon.

On a different topic, the final parts of my OU forensics course have been unlocked. Once I get this weeks TMA out of the way, the rest of the course is practical hands-on forensics with an End of Module assessment at the end. I now need to start thinking about which courses I’m doing next. Since I’ll be deploying Exchange 2010 this year, I’ll have to do an Exchange course this year, probably with QA in October down in London. I also need to seriously decide whether I’m going to pursue a masters in Computer Security & Forensics.

Anyway, enough study talk, onto today’s pics…

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Day 2 of 5: Coming Along

Day two has gone, and I now have a funky new (much bigger) tank in my airing cupboard, a bunch of new pipes, and the horrible stone fireplace surround has disappeared.

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Day 1 of 5: No major problems yet

Editors Note: I feel that this post, and all posts for the rest of this week, should be read in the accent of the Big Brother narrator, Marcus Bentley, for maximum effect.

Day 1 has come to a (slightly premature) close, with no major problems to report so far.

Initially one plumber arrived and set to work fitting the new electric boiler into my airing cupboard for a couple of hours. He was soon joined by a second chap, who made a start on the bathroom which, it turns out, needs a new radiator. Oh well, what’s an extra £40 when you’re expecting a bill of thousands!

Shortly after that, two more chaps turned up. Then they left again.

I dutifully made a couple of cups of coffee, but then couldn’t get back into the kitchen so just left them to it while I did some work on my Exchange 2010 plans.

And now all have left for the day, leaving me in peace (well, as much peace as one gets living near the RAF) to examine the results of a days work.

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Heating Replacement

Some time ago, I wrote about getting my central heating replaced as my house has practically no heating other than a couple of plug in electric heaters.

I finally pulled out my finger a few weeks ago and arranged for a company to come out and do the work this week. Hopefully, this means that I will have a warm winter this year (the first in this house!) and, more importantly, I can seriously look at selling up and moving to a larger house that is far, far away from any RAF installations!

As well as getting a brand new boiler & hot water tank, and getting radiators power flushed, I’m having my existing parkray fire and old fashioned brick surround (see pic below) removed, to be replaced with a modern electric fire with a nice cream mantle & hearth. The pieces of the mantle are at the bottom of the pic, wrapped in bubblewrap. The new fireplace is, amazingly, in the box labelled “electric fire” (who’da thunkit?). Then, once the heating is in and working, I shall be re-painting my living room. I’m still undecided on exact colours, but am thinking a nice brown such as mocha for the chimney breast with the rest of the room done in a cream such as putty.

I shall be here on Monday and Friday to supervise (actually, I’ll probably be hidden in a corner somewhere with my laptop), and my Dad is coming out Tues, Weds, Thurs to babysit the plumbers while I’m at work.

I’m hoping that the work doesn’t take longer than 5 days (in fact, I’m hoping they get it done sooner), and I shall be providing daily updates as the work progresses.

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