Venus & Jupiter

08 Sep

It’s now just past 5am in the morning, I am full of redbull and have just spent a few hours gazing at the night sky. I think one of the things that has surprised me most since taking up astronomy as a hobby is what you can see with the naked eye. What used to be a dark sky littered with random white specs which I just labelled as “stars” is now an intricate system of stars, planets and moons. I am still learning my way around the stars, but am confident at picking out the brighter stars (and planets). And the moon is always a pretty safe bet 😉

Tonight, Jupiter has been high in the sky just to the left of the moon, and I managed to get some nice views of it through my scope earlier on, although the photos didn’t come out particularly well. Click a photo to see the full sized version.

I just went out for a quick peek before heading to bed, and noticed Venus shining brightly to the east. Having put away my scope for the evening, I just took a quick shot through my regular camera. Jupiter and the moon were still clearly visible too, so I fired off a quick shot of those too. Even in these photos, you can still pick out some of Jupiters moons if you zoom in closely enough.

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Posted by on September 8, 2012 in Astronomy, Photography


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