e-Film Workstation 3.4 ODBC Bug

07 Sep

Bit of a random post, but I came across this issue earlier today while troubleshooting a problem at work today. As I didn’t find it documented anywhere else, I thought I’d throw it up here 🙂

e-Film is a DICOM viewer used by hospitals and imaging departments for viewing medical images. While older versions used an Access database to store information, version 3.4 (which is what some of our radiographers at work use) uses a SQL 2005 Express database.

I’d been troubleshooting an issue where the user was getting a delay of around 10 seconds each time she changed to a different image. With a couple of hundred images per case, she was getting understandably frustrated. I noticed she had over 73,000 images stored in her local database, so my first thought was to clear this down. The quickest way to do this is to move the contents of the DICOM folder in the e-Film program folder to a different location and then tell e-film to rebuild its database.

This is when I discovered the bug. e-Film refused to build the database, and when I checked the log it was suggesting that the username or password was wrong. This seemed a bit odd, since e-Film itself was working ok. When I checked further, it turned out that the database name in the system DSN in the ODBC settings had an extra space at the end of it. Removing this space fixed the problem and allowed e-Film to rebuild the database. Not sure how or why e-Film is able to function when the database name is incorrect – perhaps it doesn’t use the settings from the system DSN?

And for those wondering, clearing down the database hasn’t fixed the initial problem, so back to the drawing board on that one.

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