Moon Shot 28 June 2012

30 Jun

On Thursday this week we had quite a clear sky with the moon finally coming out of hiding, so out I went with my telescope to spend a couple of hours observing the night sky. Once again, I managed to get some fantastic views of both the moon as well as Saturn, floating a couple of inches above the moon (relatively speaking, of course).

After my last sighting of Saturn, I purchased a new 4mm eyepiece to see if I could get more detail. While it certainly made Saturn more visible, it became very difficult to keep steady at that magnification (made more difficult because Thursday night was pretty breezy!).

Unfortunately I didn’t take as many photos as I’d planned, and didn’t get any of Saturn (that’s now a personal goal – to get a good photo of Saturn). The one below is probably the best I got of the moon. More of the surface is visible in this photo compared with my previous one, with what I assume is a mountainous range towards the left of the visible area. Not sure what this area is called, or how large it is (but I will be finding out today).

As always, click the image to view the full sized version.

Update: According to Wikipedia, the mountains in the photo above are part of the Montes Caucasus, with the tallest of the peaks reaching 6 km.

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