A Day In The Life Of Me.

25 Jun

5:30am. Woken up by a flock of wood pigeons that have decided it’d be fun to sit on my chimney making their pigeon sounds. It’s only at times like this that you can truly appreciate how mindnumbingly repetitive a pigeons call is. No variation, no tune, just the same two notes over and over again. It’s almost worse that the wind chimes my neighbours seem to love.

Time for a coffee and a shower before heading to work to pick up where I left off last week, fixing the backup server.

Arrived at work to find two more UPS batteries have died over the weekend. How hard is it to get a decent supply of power to the site? Note to self: those’ll need changing.
Get coffee.
Start work on the backup server, swapping out PERC6/E card and rebooting the tape drive. Oh good, the disk is full so backups from half the remaining servers have failed too.
Also start work repatching the HP VMWare and SAN kit to get that up & running while we wait for the support company to figure out why their NIC teaming config doesn’t work with our procurve switches.

Get a call from one of our users to say her VPN is down. Check the router, is down. Check the logs, nothing. Great. Reboot router to get it working. Note to self: that’ll need checking.
Pick up a helpdesk call someone had reported saying wifi Internet is down and his PACS client doesn’t work. Wifi problem was due to router, is sorted. Assign call back to IT for someone else to deal with his PACS issue.
Get the first of the days emails from a chap who I’ll call Mike (why Mike, I hear you ask. Because that’s his name and it’d be rude to call him something else) giving further info about a problem he was having with our old linux genetics server. Yeah, I already know what the problem is with that, he’s used up his disk quota (again). Extended it (again) and replied.
More emails from Mike. Carry on fixing backup server while vaguely pondering why this tape drive is so crap.

Power on new Linux VM for Mike to start testing.
More emails from Mike.
Email from random user asking me to put a shortcut to her program on her desktop. Oh well, needed to grab some CD’s from her colleague so go across and help her out (besides, she’d probably have to wait 3 days if she logged a call in the helpdesk).
Carry on troubleshooting backup server. Starting to dislike Backup Exec with a passion. For the love of god, the tape drive is NOT offline.

11:00 – 13:00
Still working on the backup server. Resisting the urge to rip tape drive out of rack and slam it against the wall repeatedly.
Email from one of my colleagues: When’s backup server gonna be fixed? Resist the urge to beat her with tape drive.
More emails from Mike asking about segmentation faults. Calmly reply. Ah, linux.
Email from Maintenance to advise that they’ll be working on site’s power supply tomorrow. Note to self: replace those UPS batteries ASAP.

Take 10 minutes to eat a sarnie and grab coffee.
Notice no-one has dealt with PACS call from earlier. Pick up call and fire off an email to the user asking the name of his PC.
Email from Mike containing a two page list of applications he wants installing on new linux server.
Email from HR asking if she can use my dictaphone. Fight the urge to reply telling her to use her finger like everyone else. Take her a spare dictaphone.
Place an order with our suppliers for more UPS batteries.
Start compiling apps for Linux server.
Good news, the backup server seems to be working (at least, the tape drive is now online and backup job *seems* to be running).
Power down servers attached to failed UPS’s and replace batteries.

IT manager wanders in for a random chat. Waste 30 minutes listening to him babble about the ESX server he runs at home.

15:30 – 17:30
Continue compiling apps for new linux server and start updating documentation.
More emails from Mike. Why doesn’t the latest version of BWA work on the new server? No idea. Note to self: figure that out later.
Email from user asking if her mailbox is working as she hasn’t received an email she was expecting. Check postfix logs for senders address – nothing. Reply to say it’s a problem at the senders end.
Grab coffee.

Email from PACS user demanding someone responds to his helpdesk call and fixes his problem A-S-A-P. Calmly reply telling him I emailed him at midday and was waiting for his reply.
Get a reply: he didn’t receive the email. Underlying tone of email suggests it’s somehow my fault he didn’t receive his email.
Check the Exchange dumpster. He did receive the email, then 20 minutes later he permanently deleted it. Resist the urge to get arsey. Suggest he reboots. Problem now solved.

17:30 – 18:30
Carry on compiling apps and configuring samba services. Linux is my calm place.

Time to go home, grab something to eat and catch up on personal emails.

Notice lawn is a bit long. Spend 20 minutes thinking about nothing whilst wandering backwards and forwards with mower, before getting irritated at the RAF (why DO they have to fly in the evenings. Practice during the day dammit).

Notice the backup job has completed. VPN in and clear space on server before starting failed jobs from the weekend running.
Grab a vodka & redbull, stick Spotify and settle down to finish writing proposal for new RDP over SSL system.

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