Hello February

04 Feb

Today’s post is about nothing particularly important, I just felt like posting … something.

I sit here now, having been forced to leave the comfort of my house on a chilly Febrary morning to fix a family members boyfriends laptop under threat of, well, severe tutting if I refused*, wondering what the rest of this year is going to bring. Snow? Yes, and probably later today if the weather forecasters and warning signs above the A11 are to be believed. MSc? Doubtful, given my instinctive heel digging reactions so far after my employer announced that they want to “help” me, to “develop” me, as part of the MSc process. Astrological fame? Quite possibly, if I can figure out how to align my new telescope and use it to discover a new planet.

I’ve long been fascinated by all things extraterrestrial, and this fascination has been rekindled by various TV programs that have aired recently featuring Professor Brian Cox. The recent Stargazing Live program on the BBC, spanning three nights, hosted by Brian Cox and Dara O’Briain spurred me into purchasing my first scope. Having read a number of reviews, I went with a Celestron Astromaster 130EQ from Amazon, pictured below, complete with moon filter and barlow lens.

I have to say, it’s quite an impressive beast. Man flu has kept me indoors most evenings since I purchased it, although I did manage to spend a couple of hours in the evening last weekend when we had a clear sky. Although not yet aligned, and I’m still not entirely sure how best to operate it, I did manage to observe what appeared to be a planet in quite a nice level of detail. This got my quite excited, and I’m looking forward to getting back out there, especially when the moon is out (we’ve had several nights where the moon looks very clear, even to the naked eye, so I’m hoping to eventually get some quality viewing time). I may eventually bite the bullet and get myself a decent SLR camera so that I can start taking photos of the night sky through my scope.

* Having fixed family members boyfriends laptop, did I get a thank you? Did I even get a grunted “ta”? No. I got zilch. Nada. Diddlysquat. Note to family members boyfriend: Next time you fuck up your laptop, take it to PC World and have one of their so-called experts charge you a fortune for fixing it (they’ll probably convince you that you need to buy even more shit to install on it too). 🙂

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