BES Data Plan: Thirteenth Time’s a Charm

06 Jan

Warning: This post contains a rant and may contain a Bad Word!

What is it with mobile phone operators and the elusive Blackberry BES data plan? With all the devices that must be floating around out there, there must be a huge number of Blackberry owners who have BES data plans. So why is it so difficult for mobile phone operators to get it right the first time. Even when you spell it out clearly, BES…”BEE..EEE…ESS”…for Enterprise Server, they still give you a BIS. And as any programmer worth his salt will tell you, BIS!=BES.

Personally, I own an iPhone, but I have to support a BES server in my organisation, so I am often the first point of call for all of our Blackberry users. I am truly fed up of having to try to activate a user’s device, only to tell them that their data plan isn’t correctly set up and that they need to return to the store. The user dutifully returns to the shop, who press a few wrong buttons and send the user back to me. I then re-attempt activation to find out that, shock horror, the shop assistant (or whoever deals with these things) is a muppet and has no idea what BES is, let alone how to activate it.

And please, Mr Shop Assistant, do not try to tell our users that the issue is with our BES server, or that we have to install additional software on our BES server for it to work properly (I have dozens of these god forsaken devices successfully activated on the server), especially when RIM’s own tool clearly says that the device’s data plan hasn’t been correctly provisioned for BES!

Please RIM, give the sales folks who push your devices some form of cheat sheet for switching on BES data plans!

Hang on. Did I get through that rant without a single bad word? Fuck me!

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Posted by on January 6, 2012 in Rant


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