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31 Oct

Today marks the end of an era for me, for it is my last day working as a Network Support Engineer at my current employer. Tomorrow, I start work as a freshly promoted Infrastructure Engineer.

Which, in past years, I would have been dead chuffed about but here, now, I have mixed feelings about it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to accept the promotion and the accompanying pay rise, especially given the current economic climate. I’m grateful to have held a job for so long at what is a fantastic (albeit at times frustrating) company. I can’t help but feel that the promotion is simply a bit of paper with no true value, other than a token pay rise to reduce the chances I’ll up & leave. The actually role itself is pretty much exactly the same as before, the only real difference being that I’m now officially accountable for any screw-ups I make – not that I make any you understand, being a pro and all 🙂

The training package that had been used as a sweetener never made it into the official job offer. I’m told it’s being dealt with separately but the cynical part of me wonders if it was just there to get me to sign on the dotted line. Well, I guess time will tell.

On the bright side, perhaps I’ll get to use my new authority as Infrastructure Engineer to tighten up security. Lord knows the company doesn’t take IT security seriously enough at the moment. Yeah, people will listen & things will change. Not.

Hang on, I’ve just noticed the initials for my new role are IE. Well, that can’t be good start. Oh well, off to work we go…

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