Google Streetview –> Google MindControl

06 Oct

Recently I have found myself banging my head against the wall dealing with a number of very tedious, very frustrating technical problems ranging from how to get HP’s stupid bloated printer drives to work properly through to how to get the muppets in charge of our website to stop messing up my MX records.

Invariably, this amount of head banging leads to an increase in Google searches, and I have come to a startling discovery. Google’s smart searching (Google Instant*) that attempts to guess what you’re about to search for, is very very accurate. To the point where it actually completes the phrase I’m searching for before I’ve finished constructing the phrase in my own head.

I have therefore concluded that their recent StreetView project that involved a Google Van (probably more than one) trundling up & down the country’s roads taking photos was in actual fact a cover for a more sinister project where they hide mind control devices in cunning places (for example under a drain cover, in a bush or in your neighbours wheelie bin). For now these mind control devices are simply extracting our thoughts in order to construct useful search engine phrases, but mark my words, Google has nefarious plans for the human race.


Disclaimer: This post was written because I’ve had a shit day at work and felt like being silly. But you have to admit, Google Instant is very accurate…

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