OU? O Dear.

02 Sep

As readers of my blog will be aware, I am currently taking a computer forensics course with the Open University.

The course has felt quite long, thanks to the large amount of work on the legal processes involved in computer investigations early on in the course, nevertheless, I have enjoyed the course.

I have been disappointed however by a couple of administrative errors made during the course, as well as by the number of topics in the material that seemed to essentially be comprised of a large number of hyperlinks that yielded no information other than a “404 page not found”. Given that we’re paying money for the OU to provide this course, is it unreasonable to expect that the content is occasionally reviewed and updated.

The latest administrative error was a blinder. Our final End of Module assessment involves investigating a virtual machine that has been provided to us on a DVD. Not only was the DVD initially sent to the wrong address, they sent out the wrong DVD. It then took a couple of days of trying to prove that I’m not a muppet, and am quite capable of checking the MD5 hashes on the DVD and seeing that they’ve just sent out another copy of a VM used earlier in the course.

No matter, they have now admitted their mistake, and should be sending out (hopefully) the correct DVD to (hopefully) the correct address.

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