Day 1 of 5: No major problems yet

08 Aug

Editors Note: I feel that this post, and all posts for the rest of this week, should be read in the accent of the Big Brother narrator, Marcus Bentley, for maximum effect.

Day 1 has come to a (slightly premature) close, with no major problems to report so far.

Initially one plumber arrived and set to work fitting the new electric boiler into my airing cupboard for a couple of hours. He was soon joined by a second chap, who made a start on the bathroom which, it turns out, needs a new radiator. Oh well, what’s an extra £40 when you’re expecting a bill of thousands!

Shortly after that, two more chaps turned up. Then they left again.

I dutifully made a couple of cups of coffee, but then couldn’t get back into the kitchen so just left them to it while I did some work on my Exchange 2010 plans.

And now all have left for the day, leaving me in peace (well, as much peace as one gets living near the RAF) to examine the results of a days work.

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