Heating Replacement

07 Aug

Some time ago, I wrote about getting my central heating replaced as my house has practically no heating other than a couple of plug in electric heaters.

I finally pulled out my finger a few weeks ago and arranged for a company to come out and do the work this week. Hopefully, this means that I will have a warm winter this year (the first in this house!) and, more importantly, I can seriously look at selling up and moving to a larger house that is far, far away from any RAF installations!

As well as getting a brand new boiler & hot water tank, and getting radiators power flushed, I’m having my existing parkray fire and old fashioned brick surround (see pic below) removed, to be replaced with a modern electric fire with a nice cream mantle & hearth. The pieces of the mantle are at the bottom of the pic, wrapped in bubblewrap. The new fireplace is, amazingly, in the box labelled “electric fire” (who’da thunkit?). Then, once the heating is in and working, I shall be re-painting my living room. I’m still undecided on exact colours, but am thinking a nice brown such as mocha for the chimney breast with the rest of the room done in a cream such as putty.

I shall be here on Monday and Friday to supervise (actually, I’ll probably be hidden in a corner somewhere with my laptop), and my Dad is coming out Tues, Weds, Thurs to babysit the plumbers while I’m at work.

I’m hoping that the work doesn’t take longer than 5 days (in fact, I’m hoping they get it done sooner), and I shall be providing daily updates as the work progresses.

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Posted by on August 7, 2011 in House & Home


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