This is not just a delayed delivery…

23 Jul

…it’s a M&S delayed delivery.

Despite the fact that I ordered my new leather office chair from Marks & Spencer a month ago, they somehow messed up the order and now tell me that the chair hasn’t arrived at their warehouse. Really? A month to get the order processed, and you still mess it up?

And what is really annoying is the letter I received advised me that if *I* were to change the delivery date it would be against the terms & conditions of the sale, and they would charge me £100. That’s not a typo, they would actually charge me a one hundred pound re-booking fee. Given that they’ve now changed the delivery date (still don’t know when it’s going to be arriving) I’ve a good mind to invoice them the same amount.

On another note, I received my marked assignment back from the OU today and my score was much better than I’d anticipated, giving me hope that I might just be able to muster enough self discipline to get through TMA3 and reach the final EMA. Only trouble is, now I’m potentially looking at doing an MSc in computer security and forensics with 7Safe after this, which will no doubt means serious amounts of study (not to mention expense) for a few years to come.

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