Long time, No Blog

16 Jun

As I sit here in my dressing gown sipping coffee and trying to motivate myself to get ready for work, I suddenly realised that I haven’t posted anything hear for a while, so thought I’d stick a quick post up.

Got my first assignment back today from M889 Computer Forensics and Investigations. Although by no means a perfect score (grade 2 pass), I am nonetheless pleased with my first result as it shows that I’m not hopelessly out of my depth. I am finding the course hard going at the moment, as there has been an awful lot of theoretical courtroom content and not a lot of hands-on stuff. I am definitely glad that I gave up World of Warcraft prior to starting the course, as between studying the coursework, reading up on the various laws, acts and prior court cases and working full time as a sysadmin, I’m finding that I have very little spare time left over.

I recently had a plumber out to fix a couple of minor leaks in my house and to give me a quote for replacing my heating. That’s right, after living in a house with virtual no heating for about 5 years, I am finally pulling out my finger and getting it sorted. Unfortunately, it means parting with a rather large pile of cash along with the inconvenience of having workmen in my house for a week. I’m sure it’ll all be worth it though when winter arrives and I don’t have to shiver myself to sleep each night.

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