Forensics Course

24 Apr

At the beginning of the year, I signed up for M889 Computer Forensics and Investigations with the Open University. I’d spotted this course some time ago and felt like it would be an interesting alternative to the usual vendor specific stuff I study (AD, Exchange etc).

The course website opened recently, the course is due to begin in the next week or so and I’m starting to get worried! From what I’ve seen of the course content so far, it seems like it’s going to be a lot harder going that I’d hoped. Looks like I’ll be spending at least a couple of hours a night reading up on various business/legal aspects of forensics. I really do hope that the course becomes more hands on soon or I can see myself regretting signing on! I shall no doubt blog more about the course as it progresses…

In other news, my neighbour took it upon himself to weed my front garden this week. Although partly glad because its one less boring job for me to do, I must admit I am somewhat surprised as he hadn’t asked my permission or even mentioned to me that he was going to do it. The weeds weren’t that bad, and I had actually planned to get out there and do it myself yesterday (I’d already done my back garden on Friday). I hope he doesn’t go from being a pleasant, albeit slightly chatty, neighbour to one that starts being irritating and intrusive.

And finally, now that we’ve got some sunny weather and the RAF are not flying (thank god for bank holidays!), I’ve been having my back door open for some fresh air. Next doors cat thinks this is great, and has taken this as an open invitation for her to wander in every morning and have a good nose around my house. I don’t really mind as she’s a lovely friendly cat, but what is it with my family and cats moving in!

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