All Aboard The Me-Too Train

25 Feb

Four weeks ago, after some testing, I began rolling out Adobe Reader X in our organisation.

Because this was a major version upgrade, I decided that a staggered rollout would be best, to allow any problems missed during testing to be discovered, reported & dealt with before the application had been deployed to too many machines.

I should have known better. I received one report yesterday that PDF’s opened from a hyperlink in Office documents were taking minutes to open. This is a known issue that is fixed in 10.0.1, which I have already prepped and am preparing to rollout.

Today I received a report from another user that PDFs are locking up his machine, taking forever to open, crashing applications, not searching keywords properly, losing his work and kicking his dog (ok I threw the last one in to see if you were paying attention).

Shortly after that, the oh-so-familiar chorus of “me too” struck up, as more users leapt onto the bandwagon, demanding to know why we’re ruining their lives with our latest update, despite the fact that no-one actually bothered to report it themselves.

Here’s a thought for you, dear users. If you notice problems of this magnitude, don’t keep it to yourself for weeks, hoping it will just get better. Don’t grumble about it amongst yourselves, hoping your grumbles will somehow hop onto the cat5 cabling and deliver themselves to us. Instead, pick up the phone and log a call with your IT support team. Not a fan of the phone? No problem, we do email too. Just don’t sit there in silence, waiting to board the me-too train, because you will make your sysadmin stressed. And to paraphrase a large green man, you wouldn’t like me when I’m stressed.

(Actually, I lied. I did receive one additional “error” report from another user, although it turns out that the error in question was the license agreement page. RTFS?)

Your Friendly SysAdmin

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Posted by on February 25, 2011 in Rant


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