Note to Avon: Stop. Leaving. Books.

05 Dec

**Ranty post alert**

I never signed up with Avon. I have never bought anything from Avon. I would imagine that I never will buy anything from Avon. I have never expressed any interest in any Avon item, ever.

Why, then, do they feel the need to continually push their bloody catalogues through my letter box. And then have the cheek to get stroppy when I don’t bother to leave it out for them when they collect. Listen: I have left the catalogue out (many, many times). Each time, I have left a polite note saying I do not wish to receive it in future. Yet there it is again, lying on my door mat, stupid order form sticking out from between pages that I’ll never read. “Look at me, I’m baaaack” it would say in a mocking tone, if it could talk.

I understand Avon reps have to pay for these catalogues, and they lose money when they’re not returned. Well, here’s a simple solution for you: Stop bloody shoving ’em through my letterbox.

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Posted by on December 5, 2010 in Rant


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