Codename: Cas

28 Nov

As I sit here shivering in the sub-zero temperatures currently affecting the UK, I realised that it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, so I thought I’d share my latest project.

As many folks will know, World of Warcraft Cataclysm is just around the corner. I’ve been playing WoW this weekend, and am loving the latest updates and new quest lines. What I don’t love, however, is the constant gold spam that I get in the chat window. Gold spammers, if you don’t know, are the bottom feeding scum that sell you virtual WoW gold for a real life fee. I hate gold spammers, and I hate people who use their services. I also hate the fact that Blizzard seems incapable of providing an in-game filter to block this drivel from my screen.

To that end, I have decided to set about writing my own add-on that will block gold spammers from my screen. I know that there are probably  add-ons out there that can do this kind of thing (I happen to use SpamMeNot, and find it quite effective), but I’ve been wanting a new project for a little while, and this seems as good as any.

This will very much be a “learning as I go” project, as I have no experience writing WoW add-ons (although as a sysadmin, I have a fair bit of experience with other programming languages such as VB, Perl etc). More information about the add-on (which I have dubbed “Cas”) will follow, so stay tuned folks!

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Posted by on November 28, 2010 in Entertainment


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