Home Improvements

14 Sep

I bought my current house a few years ago. It was my first house and, like many first time buyers, I could only afford a small property. My original plan was to live here for two, maybe three years before selling up and buying a larger place. Unfortunately, apathy set in and after replacing the kitchen and putting in double glazing, I kind of stalled and haven’t done anything further.

Now, with winter fast approaching, I need to look at replacing my heating which for the past couple of years, has consisted of a single electric heater. The current system I have is a parkray fire with backboiler which doesn’t really work. I don’t like this because a) it doesn’t work and b) it’s messy. As you can see from the pics below, it’s just ugly.

My plan is to replace this fire with a nice, clean electric heating system and modern looking electric fire (I would go with gas, but we don’t have gas in this area). I don’t want to spend silly amounts, as I’m hoping to move within the next year or two (although I’ve said that before!) and quite like the look of the Sorano Electric Suite (below).

With a bit of work, and some help from my Dad to redecorate, I think this could make the room look much more modern and sale-worthy. Now, I just need to get some quotes for removing the parkray and installing an electric boiler. I suspect this may be expensive.

And just to add to my costs, I’m also in the process of getting my shared porchway rebuilt as a lot of the existing woodwork is rotting away. Luckily my neighbour is paying half of the cost for this, so it should only be £300 or so. Ugh, being a home owner is an expensive pasttime.

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