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18 Jun

Well, as I come to end of a major software project at work, it is time to start looking at the next projects on the horizon. I thought I might blog about these projects as they unfold because, well, I don’t seem to have much else to blog about at the moment 🙂

The first project looming is our Active Directory upgrade. Some may scoff, but we are still running Windows 2000 AD. Since support for Windows 2000 is ending very soon, we have finally decided to bite the bullet and upgrade. I’m currently in the process of testing various upgrade procedures, and putting together a proposal for upgrading all of the existing hardware. With testing almost complete, I hope to get the upgrade done over the period of a weekend or two next month.

The next major project will be Exchange 2010. Once we’re happily on Windows 2003 AD, I will be looking at the pro’s and con’s of upgrading Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010. I must admit, I’m quite excited about some of the features I’ve read about in the new version of Exchange (sad, I know), however, I suspect hardware costs may be a stumbling block on this project (having to replace the two existing servers with x64 hardware aint gonna be cheap).

Finally, we have a failing SMS 2003 installation which has been in need of TLC for many years. The SMS 2003 site appears to be suffering from a multitude of problems, ranging from hardware failures through to custom database tweaks that are now misbehaving. I haven’t really had a chance to look at this one in much detail yet, but I suspect I may just shut down the SMS site and replace it with a brand new SCCM installation. From what I’ve read, the SCCM client should happily upgrade the old SMS 2003 clients, providing we use a new site code.

Oh, and as if those three don’t give me enough bedtime reading material, I’m also sitting a Windows 7 exam in a weeks time. Ugh, there just aren’t enough hours in the day!

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