Browser Choice Update

24 Mar

Due to an EU ruling, Microsoft recently published a new update which is designed to inform users that there are alternatives to Internet Explorer. Information about the update can be found at

I don’t know if something changed over the last few days, but I’ve noticed that the update is now being rolled out with high priority updates from Windows Update. Having mistakenly installed it on a couple of machines after manually running Windows Update, I’ve been looking for a quick and simple way to disable the update for all users, as I (and I suspect many other sysadmins) don’t want to be inundated with requests from our corporate users saying they want to try these alternatve browsers.

Although the update can’t be removed, it can be disabled for all users with the following simple registry key. Once set, delete the Browser Choice icon from the desktop and no-one will ever know it was there.

Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\BrowserChoice\
Name: Enable
Value: 0

Thank you, EU, but I am aware of alternative browsers. I don’t need you forcing me to ignore a partial list of available web browsers. What next, updates to show alternatives for MS Office, Calculator & Notepad? Why not go all the way and force Microsoft to write an update that pops up a handy dialog box complete with a link that automatically formats the hard drive and installs a Linux distro instead.

Note to self: remember to decline this update when it appears in WSUS next month!

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Posted by on March 24, 2010 in General


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