Post-Exam Thoughts on the UCP

22 Feb

Took the exam for my Ubuntu Certified Professional this morning.

My main thought, having passed the exam, was that it seemed a bit…well, easy. A prerequisite of sitting the UCP is that you’ve previously passed the LPIC-1. Because of this, I was expecting the UCP to be a step up from the LPIC-1. Sadly, it wasn’t.

I found the content to be fairly simple, many questions were basic enough that pretty much any Linux sysadmin would have got the question right with no hesitation. Stuff such as knowing what /etc/exports is used for, how to create an alias and so on.

My other gripe with the exam is with the logic of one or two of the questions. For example, I had a multiple choice question with five possible answers. The question was good enough to tell me that I needed to select the 5 correct answers. But…the question had only given me 5 possible options, so clearly they were all correct.

Anyway, I shouldn’t complain too loudly, I passed and now have another cert under my belt.

Next up, 70-680 – Configuring Windows 7.

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Posted by on February 22, 2010 in Exams


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